Articles in peer-reviewed journals:

  • Juhász, L. and Hochmair, H. H. (2017). Where to catch ‘em all? – a geographic analysis of Pokémon Go locations. Geo-spatial Information Science. 20 (3): pp. 241-251 [doi: 10.1080/10095020.2017.1368200RG]
  • Juhász, L., Rousell, A., Jokar Arsanjani, J. (2016). Technical Guidelines to Extract and Analyze VGI from Different Platforms. Data. 1(3):15. [doi: 10.3390/data1030015, RG]
  • Juhász, L. and Hochmair, H.H. (2016). User Contribution Patterns and Completeness Evaluation of Mapillary, a Crowdsourced Street Level Photo Service. Transactions in GIS. 20 (6): pp. 925–947  [doi: 10.1111/tgis.12190, RG]
  • Cvetojevic, S., Juhász, L. and Hochmair H. H. (2016). Positional Accuracy of Twitter and Instagram Images in Urban Environments. GI_Forum, 2016 (1), pp. 191-203 [doi: 10.1553/giscience2016_01_s191, RG]
  • Juhász, L., Podolcsák, Á., Dolleschall, J. (2016). Open Source Web GIS Solutions in Disaster Management – with Special Emphasis on Inland Excess Water Modeling. Journal of Environmental Geography, 9 (1–2), pp. 15–21 [doi: 10.1515/jengeo-2016-0003, RG]

Full papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings:

  • Hochmair, H.H., Juhász, L., and Cvetojevic, S. (2018). Data Quality of Points of Interest in Selected Mapping and Social Media Platforms. Kiefer P., Huang H., Van de Weghe N., Raubal M. (Eds.) Progress in Location Based Services 2018. LBS 2018. Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography (pp. 293-313) Berlin: Springer. [doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-71470-7_15, RG]
  • Juhász, L. and Hochmair, H. H. (2016). Cross-linkage between Mapillary Street Level Photos and OSM Edits. In T. Sarjakoski, M. Y. Santos, L. T. Sarjakoski (Eds.), Geospatial Data in a Changing World – Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography (pp. 141-156). Berlin: Springer. [doi: 10.1007/978-3-319-33783-8_9, RG]
  • Juhász, L. and Hochmair, H. H. (2015). Exploratory Completeness Analysis of Mapillary for Selected Cities in Germany and Austria. In A. Car, T. Jekel, J. Strobl and G. Griesebner (Eds.), GI_Forum 2015 – Geospatial Minds for Society (pp. 535-545). Berlin/Offenbach: Wichmann [doi: 10.1553/giscience2015s535, RG]

Short papers in peer-reviewed conference proceedings:

  • Juhász, L. and Hochmair, H. H. (2017). How do volunteer mappers use crowdsourced Mapillary street level images to enrich OpenStreetMap?. 20th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science. Wageningen, The Netherlands [RG]

Book chapters:

  • Juhász, L. (2013) Management of Inland Excess Water: prevention, protection and remediation. In Szatmári József, Boudewijn van Leeuwen (Eds.), Inland Excess Water – Belvíz – Suvišne Unutrašnje Vode. Szeged, Hungary, Novi Sad, Serbia. University of Szeged; University of Novi Sad. (ISBN: 978-963-306-263-0; 978-86-7031-338-5) [doi: 10.13140/2.1.5143.3920, RG]

Conference paper:

  • Szatmári J., Kovács F, van Leeuwen B, Tobak Z, Mezősi G, Mucsi L, Juhász L, Huszár T, Kitka G 2014: Térinformatika a katasztrófa-védelem szolgálatában (GIS for disaster management). In. MÁRKUS B (Ed): Térinformatika 2014: 20 éves a Térinformatika Tanszék. Székesfehérvár, Hungary, 2014.12.15. pp. 375-390 (In Hungarian) [link] (ISBN:  978-615-5460-27-2)

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